LAE has an exclusive Color Matching Laboratory in which our specialized staff develops and matches colors daily according to the requirements of our customers in their different projects.

In order to carry on an appropriate development of the colors required by the market, we count on a wide variety of frits with different stages of fusion and expansion coefficients, in addition to a wide variety of pigments and mediums. Through colors guides (Pantone, RAL, etc.), our customers can ask for the development of colors that are out of the regular series. There are many variables to be considered in Color Mayçtching: the substrate, the firing range and its cycle; our laboratory makes a sample of each work in advance to be tested in working conditions in which it will be used. When the sample is ready, our Color Matching Laboratory will check the results and to reformulate if necessary. Color matching is carried on fast and with precision. As a consequence, we consider this service as one of our main values.

Note: not every Pantone or RAL can be developed in vitrified colors.