From its beginnings in 1984 and located in the surroundings of Buenos Aires City, LAE S.A. has been providing its products to the following markets:

- Automotive industry, with ceramic black colors and conductive silver pastes (Patent N° 244.459 R.A.) for windscreens and heated rear windows.

- Hollow glass industry, with colors and precious metals for cosmetics, bottles, glasses, lighting appliances, vials and medicinal bottles.

- Flat glass industry, with colors for architecture panels, telephone booths, fronts of the cooking stoves and shower stalls.

- Ceramic industry, with enamels, raised patterns, colors, conductors and precious metals for third fire decoration.

- Porcelain industry, with colors, varnishes, conductors and precious metals for decorating tableware, vases and electrical porcelain (insulators of high voltage).

- Metal-mechanical industry, with colors for enameled iron (fronts of knobs of cooking stoves, heaters, water heaters, etc.)

LAE works under strict quality standards and that implies a quick identification and traceability of the delivered products, and a responsible care of the environment, as well. Our development and research laboratory seeks to a continuous improvement and innovation through its products.